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The reason for the creation of the sisters' wing was to enable ourselves, the sisters, to work on the establishment of Deen freely within our own circle. "Let there arise among you a group of people, invitingall to that which is good, enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong." (Quran, 3:104). Keeping this responsibility spreading the divine message in mind, six sisters established ICNA's Sisters' Wing on July 9, 1978.

Invitation: Inviting mankind to submit to the creator by using all possible means of comminication
Motivation: Motivating Muslims to perform their duty of being witnesses unto mankind by their words and deeds
Organization: Organization of those who agree to work for this cause in the discipline of ICNA
Training: Offering educational and training opportunities to increase Islamic knowledge and to enhance one's character.

  Quran & Ahadith

Those messengers - some of them We caused to exceed others. Among them were those to whom Allah spoke, and He raised some of them in degree. And We gave Jesus, the Son of Mary, clear proofs, and We supported him with the Pure Spirit. If Allah had willed, those [generations] succeeding them would not have fought each other after the clear proofs had come to them. But they differed, and some of them believed and some of them disbelieved. And if Allah had willed, they would not have fought each other, but Allah does what He intends. Surat Al Baqara:253
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Reported by Abu Hurairah (RA): Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, “On the Day of Resurrection, Allah, the Exalted, will say: Where are those who have mutual love for the sake of My Glory? Today I shall shelter them in My Shade when there will be no shade except Mine”. Sahih Muslim
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  Women In Islam

 Sayeddah Saffiya Bint Huhayy

A Da’eeya, a pioneer, a soldier: Umm Sulaim bint Milhan

Umm e Ayyub Ansarriyah (radhiAllahu anha) Part 1..

Umm Sa’ad Al-Askandarriyyah

Sayeddah Asmaa bint Umais (radhiAllahu anha)

Sayeddah Barakah (radhiAllahu anha)

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Sisters Online Neighbor Net
Venue:- Paltalk / Tele-conference
Date:- 2014-04-12   Time:- 10:30:00
Contact Name:- North/South Region, ICNA Sisters Wing.
Contact eMail:- northcentralsisters@yahoo.com
Addtional Info:-
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Venue:- Webinar
Date:- 2014-10-24   Time:- 07:00:00
Contact Name:- MCNA / YMj
Contact eMail:- mcna4us@gmail.com
Addtional Info:-
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MCNA Prime Time
Venue:- Webinar
Date:- 2014-12-17   Time:- 08:00:00
Contact Name:- MCNA
Contact eMail:- mcna4us@gmail.com
Addtional Info:-
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Free Flu Shots Available!!
Venue:- 2180 W Crescent Ave. Suit B, Anaheim CA
Date:- 2014-12-20   Time:- 09:00:00

MAS-ICNA Annual Convention 2014
Date:- 2014-12-21   Time:- 03:30:23


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